Halloween Party Invitation


This Halloween Party Invitation is an idea I saw from a Flickr photo, and apparently the original idea came from Martha Stewart, but of course I changed it a little to use things I had accessible to me.  I can’t compare to Martha Stewart, but this idea just cracked me up and I had to make it!  I laugh every time I open the box.

This “disembodied finger” will be on display in the Heartland store, and here are the instructions:



Pattern paper:  Haunted Hallows “Spiderweb” by Teresa Collins
Font:  Blackadder ITC
Black cardstock box, cut by the Silhouette machine
Wilton pretzel mold and melting wafers
Black netting, approx. 18”
Black narrow ribbon


  1. Using a Wilton pretzel mold for Halloween fingers, follow instructions for melting the candy wafers.  Use mostly white with a little orange for flesh color, and chocolate for the fingernail if desired.  Cut your pretzel short enough so the entire length of finished pretzel will be under 4”.  (Put the cut end into the candy side so the nice end is showing.)  Let set.


2. Cut a basic shallow box from black cardstock with Silhouette, or use another shallow box with a diagonal opening of about 4”.


3. Cut “Spiderweb” paper to fit outside edges, top, and inside flap (6 total pieces), leaving approx. 1/8” border for box to show.  Ink edges with black inkpad.  Glue to box sides, top, and inside flap.


4. Print sentiment on white paper, sized to let pattern paper border show.  Ink edges with black and glue to inside flap.


5. Fill box with about 12” of black netting or other filler material.  Tie ribbon to candy finger and place inside of box on top of netting.


6. Use remaining 6” of netting to tie in knot and glue to outside of top lid.

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