Fabric Flowers with the Silhouette (Yes, More!)


I wanted to make some more flowers with my Silhouette Cameo that aren’t just for little girls to wear. Flowers in hair are pretty popular, but I don’t do big and flashy, myself. So I made some subtle little flower clips I can wear.

This one is using the rolled rose shape that was a Silhouette freebie in February. I ironed Lite Steam a Seam 2 on the the back, cut a rolled rose shape about 5″ large, then cut the same shape out of black tulle with contact paper on top (see my instructions for no-interfacing delicate fabric flowers). I put the tulle on top of the cotton and just did a simple stitch that allowed me to gather it all up, then sew it closed.


At the same time, I cut the layers for this clip out of black cotton and with black tulle.


These were a simple six-petal shape in three sizes ranging from about 3″ to 1.5″.

fab flower cut ss

The picture above is what I cut once out of black cotton with interfacing, and once more with black tulle and contact paper on top. (The inner red rectangle was just a reference rectangle with the cut lines turned off so I knew where to place the fabric on my mat.) That gave me two layered flowers to put on little alligator clips.

Now I have some flowers I feel comfortable wearing!



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