Grandma Word Album Tutorial–Part 2

This tutorial is in response to those who have designed a word album in Silhouette Studio based on my instructions from this post, but who don’t have a Silhouette machine to cut it out.  Please note that there are some tips for printing and some pointers for using fill patterns in this video that will help all Silhouette Studio users, but this is mostly geared for those just printing and not using a Silhouette machine to cut the designs.

I apologize for the glitchy sounds; my screencast software misbehaved every time I recorded this and I ran out of time to record the same thing more than 3 times.  You get to hear what I sound like in slow motion.  🙂

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Here is the current version of Silhouette Studio available to download (Mac or PC). Choose the LEGACY option (2.9.45) if it is available.

EDIT 10-24-2012:

With the update to Silhouette Studio 2.7.0, Silhouette has removed the ability in basic Studio to drag digital pattern papers in and have them automatically fill the shape.  You can still do it in the Designer Edition upgrade, but here are the steps to fill a shape with digital paper in the basic version:

    1. Open a digital pattern paper from the Studio “open” command or drag it in to the workpage from its open folder on your computer.
    2. It will most likely come in huge, so immediately go to your Scale Window to plug in smaller dimensions.  Check the box for “Lock Aspect Ratio” and set the width or height to something manageable like 8.5″ (you can resize it more later if necessary).

resize digital paper

    1. Now bring your letter shape over the top of the pattern paper by selecting it and choosing “Bring to Front”.  Position the letter over the digital paper so none of the letter’s edges are off of the paper.

bring to front

    1. Select both the letter and the paper, then to go the Modify Window and choose Crop.

crop digital paper

  1. Repeat this with all the letters.  Now you’re ready to print.  (If you’re cutting them with a Silhouette machine you’ll have to go to the Cut Style Window and turn on cut lines for all those cropped shapes before printing.)

UPDATE 4/20/2015: You can find an assembly tutorial for cutting and putting together this grandma album HERE.

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