Angry Birds T-Shirt


I bought a blank yellow T-shirt and decorated it with the yellow bird from Angry Birds.  We’re fans…what can I say?  Even my toddler likes to play Angry Birds, even if they fly backwards most of the time.  This is his shirt.


Here’s generally how I did this.  I just Googled something like “yellow angry bird” and found this one among many images I liked.  In Silhouette Studio I used the Trace function to get the different parts, then manipulated it how I wanted to get different layers for each color (releasing compound paths, copying pieces, making compound paths, welding, etc.).  That took some time, but it was worth it.

I used fabric ink for everything but the red heart and white lettering–those are done with heat transfer vinyl (HTV).  The fabric ink was a combination of Silhouette fabric ink and Jaquard Textile Colors.  The mixed colors seemed to do just fine from the two brands.

For each color layer I cut freezer paper as a mask with my Silhouette Cameo, and ironed it on to use as a mask for the paint.  I let each layer dry thoroughly before removing the freezer paper and moving on to the next freezer paper layer on top of that.

I had a white layer (chest and eyes), a black layer (eyeballs, eye outline, beak background, lettering background), an orange layer (beak), and a brown layer (eyebrows).  The flocked white HTV lettering I placed on top of the painted black layer.

By the way, I didn’t trace the lettering–I just typed my own with the free Feast of Flesh font and created an offset for the black layer.  I love how cleanly the HTV cuts.  I didn’t have quite as much success with the freezer paper (probably my dull blade) but it all turned out good enough for a little boy’s shirt.

I would do a few things differently next time now that I realize the inks are somewhat transparent; it’s not good to try and cover any partial layers underneath and assume the upper layer will block out anything below it.  But I definitely like the HTV on top of the fabric ink shadow layer.

My son loves his shirt so much he’s been telling everyone he meets that he has an Angry Birds shirt, even when he’s not wearing it!


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