Photo Props

Photo Props with the Silhouette by Kelly Wayment

I was asked to help with a neighborhood party where the organizers wanted to set up an area for taking pictures.  They asked me to make photo props and help take pictures of everyone, so of course I said yes.  I love an excuse to use my Silhouette Cameo, and I definitely gave it a workout.

I chose a bunch of photo prop files, along with some in my Studio Library that just seemed to work well.  I cut everything once out of chipboard and once out of adhesive-backed cardstock or adhesive foil paper.  It may have taken a while to decide on designs and cut them, but assembling them all was a breeze!  I think I made about 35 props in total.

Props before sticks

(If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw my progress.)

I just hot glued BBQ skewers (with the points snipped off) on to the backs.

photo prop chipboard

In addition to the cutouts (this was mostly a cowboy theme), I also made some print-and-cut wanted posters.  I didn’t use registration marks on these; just drew a rectangle to cut out of the center of a letter-sized paper.  These were also mounted on a piece of chipboard.

Photo Props_Cowboy theme

The gun is a layer of chipboard, a layer of silver foil, and a top detail layer of black adhesive cardstock.  I made two.  Those were a hit!  I also made a couple of chalkboard speech bubbles with a layer of chipboard and a layer of chalkboard vinyl.  The participants could erase the chalk and write their own messages.

My friend who coordinated this part of the party also brought some large empty frames so the families and couples could pose behind picture frames.  The only thing about this project that didn’t go smoothly is the location where we set up the photo shoot.  It was on a church stage with too many harsh shadows and light sources, but we had fun anyway.  My kids kept coming back for more pictures and have been playing with the props at home, too.

Photo Props_kids 1
Photo Props_kids 2


Photo Props_kids 3


Photo Props_kids 4

The teenagers at the party really liked the props. I also was asked to make 80 sheriff’s badges for the little kids to wear; that was also a pretty quick task with my Cameo.


I’d say this party was a success!  You should consider making some photo props for your next party.  It’s a fun way to get people to smile for the camera.

Photo Props

Shapes Used:
costumes and disguises
cowboy hat
cowboys indians
photo booth prop accessories
secret disguises
wanted banner
glasses (included in the double-sided adhesive starter kit)
word bubble collection

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