Mother’s Day Card

Mothers Day Card with Watercolor and Foil by Kelly Wayment

I have loved the recent trend in cards and scrapbook pages with watercolors. I decided to add a little watercolor to my Mother’s Day card this year.

I just grabbed a few watercolor pencils in my mom’s favorite colors (nothing fancy–these are Crayola watercolor pencils), scribbled on some watercolor paper, then used a water brush (could also use a plain paintbrush dipped in water) to blend and smooth the colors.

The other trend I like: foil! I have been tempted to try all the new foil techniques and products released earlier this year, but then I remembered that I already have plenty of luscious foil ready to cut with my Silhouette Cameo. It’s sticky on the back, so all you do is cut, weed away the excess, and apply it to the project.  No heat, no mess, no other tools or supplies except your cutter.

Mothers Day Card with Foil and Watercolor by Kelly Wayment

This is the silver printable foil by Silhouette. You can print on it, but I rarely do. It also comes in gold, which I use even more often than the silver. I guess if I want other colors of foil and a smoother texture on my project I’ll have to try the other foil products out there, but for now this gives me all the shimmer and shine I want!

I hope this gives you a good last-minute idea for a Mother’s Day card if you’re running out of time like I am.  (My mom told me all she wants is a card telling her how wonderful she is. Done!)

One last note. This is the font Sweet Pea, which is one of my new favorite fonts (and is free for personal use). I italicized it just a bit with my Shear Tool in Silhouette Studio Designer Edition. I don’t use that tool often, but it’s great for a faux italic when the font doesn’t have an italic option.

I hope you have an excellent Mother’s Day this year, whether you are a mom or other influence in a child’s life. I’ve decided this year to write a note to each of my children telling them why I’m glad I’m their mom; that way I can focus on that instead of why they act their age and behave normally although what I really want for Mother’s Day is to have peace and harmony at home the whole day. ♥

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