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Secret Sister Pop Top Can for Girls Camp

It’s time for Girls Camp again this year, but this time I’m only making 3 gifts instead of 75-90 as in years past. I’m not currently serving in the Young Women’s program, but luckily my daughter is old enough to go to Girls Camp for the first time (so I still get to make cute gifts). The girls are each bringing three secret sister gifts for a single recipient: nail polish, a treat, and a drink.

Because the gifts will be the same for each girl (with variance for their personal favorites), that means much of the gift is in the presentation, right? Right. The first gift I’m sharing here is an altered pop-top can.

I Pinned this pop-top can idea ages ago from Split Coast Stampers. We found out my daughter’s secret-sister recipient loves Butterfinger candy bars, so that’s what we decided to put in this can. I found a pack of mandarin oranges at my local Costco that had flip-top lids. Fortunately we like mandarin oranges, but I probably would have bought them just for the cans. 😉


How to Make a Custom-Filled Pop-Top Can:

  • Remove the label off the can and measure it so you can cut decorative paper the same size (be sure to leave an extra ½” for the overlap area to be glued).
  • Use a safety can opener to open the bottom of the can (turn the can upside down so the end with the flip-top lid remains intact). The safety opener just breaks the seal so the lid/base has no sharp edges and can be glued back in place after the can is refilled.
  • Empty the contents, wash out the can, and let it dry.
  • Fill the can with treats or another surprise. I fit eight fun-size Butterfingers in this 11 oz. can. You may want to put the treats in a bag or use some filler at the top (which will be the bottom when opened) so the glue doesn’t stick to any of the contents.

Secret Sister Pop Top Can for Girls Camp

  • You can cover the can before or after gluing on the lid/base. I glued the strip around the outside and the circle on the top before sealing it up, then added the other embellishments later.
  • In this next photo you can see the can with its contents spilling out before I’ve glued on the base.

Secret Sister Pop Top Can for Girls Camp

  • For the circle on the pop-top lid, I simply measured the can’s top for my large circle, and placed a smaller circle to subtract about a ½” chunk out of the larger circle. I did this in Silhouette Studio (cut file included below), but you could do it with more archaic circle tools.
  • Add glue to the notched circle piece and carefully slide it into place so the notch goes under the pull tab.

Secret Sister Pop Top Can for Girls Camp

  • Use a strong liquid glue to add a bead of glue around the lid/base edge, then press it back in place on the filled can. Use something heavy like a water bottle to put pressure on the lid while it dries. The glue I used is Glossy Accents by Ranger, but I’ve also heard of crafters using Diamond Glaze or Crystal Effects.

Secret Sister Pop Top Can for Girls Camp

  • Once the glue has set up so the bottom doesn’t fall out, embellish as you choose. I added paper butterflies, our recipient’s name in flocked vinyl, and a cute little sketched tag.

Secret Sister Pop Top Can for Girls Camp

I hope you enjoyed this project. Stay tuned for more Girls Camp Secret Sister gifts coming soon!


Cut Files and Fonts:

Flip Top Can Wrap Silhouette Studio file (click name to download) by Kelly Wayment
4 Tag Set by Jamie Koay (ID #23304)
Stick Sketch Font (for sketched tag) by Dresden Robins (ID #73966)
Patterned Butterflies by Simple Stores (I used the outline only, not the printable fill) ID #63185
Sweet Pea (for fuzzy vinyl name)



Sakura Gelly Roll Stardust pen
Silhouette Pen Holder (used large collet for Gelly Roll pen)
Golden Star mandarin oranges (11 oz. can with pop-top lid)
Bluebell “Every Day” decorative paper by My Mind’s Eye “The Sweetest Thing” by Jen Allyson
Speckled white cardstock
Glossy Accents by Ranger
Scotch Advanced Tape Glider adhesive
Fuzzy vinyl – white
Baker’s twine

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