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Buy One Get One Twin Onesies - Heat Transfer - Finding Time To Create

Twin Onesies

I saw this idea for twin onesies years ago and Pinned it on a Pinterest board, hoping someone I know would have twins just so I could make this project. This is one of those projects where I chuckled to myself the entire time I was making it. 😉

I used both smooth teal heat transfer material and faded-blue flocked heat transfer material, and mixed and matched the border and word colors between a total of four onesies.

Buy One Get One Twin Onesies - Heat Transfer Detail - Finding Time To Create

To create the ticket border, I used these week tickets with a rounded rectangle I drew and centered inside.

  • Open week tickets.
  • Resize larger to approximately 4.25” wide.
  • Ungroup.
  • Use the rounded rectangle drawing tool to draw a rectangle inside one of the tickets (ignore the words for now). My rectangle is 3.424” wide x 1.807” high.
  • With the ticket shape and rounded rectangle both selected, in the Align Window: choose Center (the top choice).
  • In the Modify Window: choose Subtract.
  • The words should have disappeared, leaving only a frame of the ticket outer edge and inner rounded rectangle.

For the words inside, I used my Text tool with the font Britannic Bold.

I had four onesies to decorate, so I cut a mirror image of both tickets once from smooth teal heat transfer and again from flocked blue heat transfer.

cut heat transfer in reverse

  • Smooth heat transfer uses a different setting than flocked heat transfer, so remember to switch material settings in the Cut Settings Window and adjust the blade appropriately before cutting each set of tickets.
  • Weed away the excess heat transfer vinyl and cut the two tickets apart.
  • To mix and match the text and border colors, I used a craft knife to cut out the inner sections. This made it easy to center the words within the tickets when ironing the different sections in place.

Next time you’re giving baby twins a gift, consider a set of onesies or shirts like this!

Twin Onesies - Finding Time To Create


Designs used:

Week tickets Design ID #54680


Britannic Bold



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