Paper Patriotic Decor

One of my recent Silhouette design-team posts needed some good photo props, so I took the opportunity to make some paper patriotic decor. It was refreshing to work with my favorite medium again: paper.

Flower Pot

I made this sweet paper pot design by Jodi of Snapdragon Snippets. It’s called 3D terra cotta pot and is design ID #44210 in the Silhouette Design Store. I have loved every Snapdragon Snippets design I’ve used because the files are so well made. No flaws in the design, and all the extra details and finishing touches really make it a joy to work with. This pot even has an inner liner to hide all the glue tabs!

Paper Flower Pot - Finding Time To Create

You can find the step-by-step tutorial for this pot design HERE.


I used this pot to hold some patriotic rosettes. These were also very fun to make.

Patriotic Rosette Display_Finding Time To Create

For these rosettes I used Lori Whitlock’s Build-a-Rosette-Strips – 2.8 (design ID #32783) in combination with the embellishments on Layered Rosette (design ID #60439) and Stars (design ID #63953).

I have a quick tutorial for making rosettes here: 3D Rosette Tutorial

Once the rosettes were complete, I hot glued a bamboo barbecue skewer to the back of each and tied ribbon scraps at the base of each rosette. I filled the pot with dry floral foam (and some rocks at the bottom to stabilize the pot) and stuck in the skewers. The final touch was a soft, thick piece of bright red yarn to hide the floral foam.

3D Star

Perhaps the easiest piece of this arrangement was this 3D star (design ID #52532) by Wayne Kalama. It’s cut from a single piece of 12″ x 12″ paper on my Silhouette CAMEO. This particular star is resized to 9″ wide x 9.18″ high before cutting, so you could easily go larger or smaller. I didn’t need instructions because it’s fairly obvious which way the folds need to go when you can see a picture of it.

Paper Star - Finding Time To Create

Paper Star Detail - Finding Time To Create

Isn’t it pretty? By changing the colors of paper used, this star could be used for quite a few different occasions.

I think the final arrangement is pretty festive, don’t you?

Etched Art - Land that I Love - FindingTimeToCreate

You can find the etching project tutorial HERE and the red firecracker with my original use for it HERE.

Paper Patriotic Decor - Finding Time To Create

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