Silhouette 2016 New Products

This is it, my friends! Silhouette’s new-product release month! I found out about all of these cool new products in May when I attended Silhouette Summit in Hawaii. Unfortunately, I was told just days before that everyone was supposed to wait until the official announcement in August by Silhouette before we were allowed to post about it. The wait is finally over!

You may have already heard about some of these products on social media and other blogs, but here is the information I personally gathered while at Summit.

New Silhouette CAMEO® 3

Cameo 3

Bigger and better than previous models, this CAMEO  model has all your favorite features and then some.

  • Wireless with Bluetooth (no cords to dictate where you have to place your machine)
  • 2 mm clearance and 2 mm cut depth (you can use the deep-cut blade, formerly reserved for Curio only)
  • Dual carriage (another great feature carried over from Curio)
  • Self-adjusting blade depth with the “auto blade” (more on this below)
  • Storage space for tools
  • Easy-slide rollers (more on this below)
  • Improved touchscreen, with tutorials
  • Capable of ink stippling (formerly Curio only)
  • Barcode scanning feature (for organizing multiple print & cut pages of the same large project)
  • Existing mats, blades, and PixScan™ still work!
  • Same 12″ cutting width and the same cutting force as previous CAMEO models

Storage Compartments

CAMEO 3 storage drawers ~ Silhouette 2016 New Release

In the picture above, you can see the new storage compartments. On the left the CAMEO can hold two spare blades and/or sketch pens. The drawers in front will hold several other tools, like the hook tool and spatula. Although not shown here, there are also a couple of support bars that fold out on these drawers to hold your cutting mat further out in a level position.

Auto Blade and New Dual Blade Holder

CAMEO 3 self-adjusting blade in dual carriage ~ Silhouette 2016 New Release

In this photo above, you can see the dual carriage, the new self-adjusting blade, and the new blade locking levers. No more knobs to turn; these blade locks just slide in or out.

The self-adjusting blade only fits in the left blade holder of the CAMEO 3, and it has grooves so you can only insert it correctly. (A normal blade will still fit in the left tool holder.) The self-adjusting blade will adjust itself based on the media you choose in Cut Settings. If you override the default cut setting and choose your own settings, the blade will adjust to the settings you input.

I love the idea of this blade adjusting itself so you don’t forget to take your blade out and adjust it when switching materials, even if you change the media in the Cut Settings Window. (Or maybe I’m the only one who’s ever cut something with the blade on 5 when I should have set it to 2, or vice-versa!) 😉

The self-adjusting blade still has a removable cap for cleaning. It will not work in older CAMEO models.

Easy-Slide Rollers and New Touchscreen

CAMEO 3 adjustments ~ Silhouette 2016 New Release

In this photo you can see the new touchscreen and the easy-slide rollers. Notice the touchscreen now only has Load or Unload. You no longer have to remember to choose between the mat or media without a mat. When you press Load, it will use the mat (or no mat) settings that you have set up in your workpage.

The easy-slide rollers are much nicer to move than previous CAMEO models. The lever is still there on the right to loosen the bar and allow roller adjustment, but there is no area where the roller will get stuck if you accidentally move it too far. This CAMEO has the same four locking positions as before.

The middle support rollers are also movable, so if you want them to avoid touching certain areas of your page, you can easily move them. No more smeared sketch pen marks!

CAMEO 3 ~ Silhouette 2016 New Release

It is definitely larger overall than the previous CAMEO models by a few inches. Doesn’t it look great?!


New Products

Now on to the new products that should start arriving in stores beginning this month (August 2016). I’m really excited to use all of them!

Sketch Pens

Sketch pens more ink ~ Silhouette 2016 New Release

  • Double the ink in each pen
  • New sketch pen packs: Neon and Natural
  • Metallic pack has been updated

Washi Sheets

New Washi sheets ~ Silhouette 2016 New Release

  • 9 New washi designs
  • Now in 12″ x 4″ strips

Rose Gold Foil Stickers

Rose gold foil

(Project by Karley Hall of Silhouette America)

I’m excited about this new color of printable foil. As you may know from many of my projects, I use the gold foil all the time. It cuts intricate detail like a dream, and it’s also printable. The colors available now will be gold, silver, and rose gold. You can see various projects I’ve used printable foil on HERE.

Scratch-off Sticker Sheets

Printable scratch-off sheets

(Project by Karley Hall of Silhouette America)

Scratch-off sticker sheets - gold ~ Silhouette 2016 New Release

  • Gold
  • Printable white
  • Silver will still be available (formerly the only color option)

Metallic-Finish Vinyl

Metallic vinyl

Metallic vinyl - gold ~ Silhouette 2016 New Release

(Project by Karley Hall of Silhouette America)

Yup, SHINY gold and silver vinyl will now be available (9″ and 12″ options)! This one is definitely near the top of my wish list!

Stencil Material

Stencil material - non adhesive

(Project by Karley Hall of Silhouette America)

I have loved the adhesive-backed stencil material, but now they are adding a non-adhesive version. I know plenty of folks who are excited about this one, myself included! Instead of a roll, it will now be a 6-pack of flat sheets.

Clear Transfer Tape

Clear transfer tape

(Project by Karley Hall of Silhouette America)

  • Clear, with a printed grid
  • Opaque transfer paper will be discontinued

CAMEO Light Tote

CAMEO (original) light tote ~ Silhouette 2016 New Release

This lightweight tote is for the original models of the CAMEO, prior to the CAMEO 3. It has a few pockets for cords and small items, but it is slim and trim and easy to carry. I never bought the large rolling tote because my husband made me a tote this size early on, and I have loved it for my traveling system.

This tote comes in grey and light green and is only $14.99!

Whiteboard Vinyl

Dry erase vinyl ~ Silhouette 2016 New Release

Whiteboard vinyl will be a fun addition to Silhouette’s specialty vinyl, which already includes chalkboard vinyl. I see lots of fun labeling projects and kids crafts in my future with this whiteboard vinyl.

Printable Vinyl

Printable vinyl

(Project by Karley Hall of Silhouette America)

Oh boy, am I excited about this one! Go ahead and ooh and ahh with me. 😉 They said it’s not waterproof, so you may try and add some kind of protective finish to an application that will be handled a lot.

Window-Cling Vinyl (Printable)

Printable window cling vinyl - white Printable clear window cling

(Project by Karley Hall of Silhouette America)

  • White printable cling vinyl
  • Clear printable cling vinyl

Printable Duct Tape

Printable duct tape sheets

(Project by Karley Hall of Silhouette America)

  • White
  • Grey
  • Similar texture and tear-ability to duct tape

Wood Paper Adhesive-Backed Sheets

Wood paper - adhesive back

(Project by Karley Hall of Silhouette America)

  • Dark, light, grey, and a multipack

Cork Sheets

Cork sheets

(Project by Karley Hall of Silhouette America)

  • 5″ x 7″ sheets
  • Adhesive back (I think)

Leatherette Sheets

Leatherette sheets

(Project by Karley Hall of Silhouette America)

Leatherette sheets ~ Silhouette 2016 New Release

Leatherette sheets - tassels ~ Silhouette 2016 New Release

  • 8.5″ x 11″ sheets
  • Black, cream, champagne, and multipack

Chalkboard Paper

Chalkboard cardstock

(Project by Karley Hall of Silhouette America)

Shrink Plastic Sheets

Shrink plastic - white

  • In white

Shrink plastic - clear

(Projects by Karley Hall of Silhouette America)

  • And clear
  • 8 sheets of 8.5″ x 11″
  • See more images below with the Jewelry starter kit

Metallic Heat Transfer

Metallic heat transfer material

(Project by Karley Hall of Silhouette America)

This is another one I’m really excited about, because I just love heat transfer! I believe it comes in gold, silver, pink and teal.

Wash-Away Fabric Stabilizer

Wash-away fabric stabilizer ~ Silhouette 2016 New Release

  • 12″ roll
  • MSRP $6.99

Sorry about the photo, folks, but a few of these I only got pictures of during the Summit presentation.

New Starter Kits

In addition to the new products listed above, Silhouette is releasing several new or updated starter kits. These are a great way to get started with all the right tools and a variety of colors or materials to see if you really like a new medium.

Sketch Pen Starter Kit

  • Updated to include the 24 colors available in the various sketch-pen packs

Sticker Sampler Pack

Sticker sampler pack ~ Silhouette 2016 New Release

  • $14.99 MSRP
  • 4 white
  • 2 silver foil
  • 2 gold foil
  • 1 each of the 3 colors of scratch-off sheets
  • 10 sticker designs

Vinyl Sampler Packs

Vinyl sampler packs

  • $9.99 MSRP
  • Basic pack: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet
  • Natural pack: black, white, gold, silver, brown
  • Bold pack: green, teal, pink, purple

Chalkboard Starter Kit

Chalkboard sheets and starter kit ~ Silhouette 2016 New Release

  • Chalk pencils (which can be sharpened)
  • Adjustable pen holder
  • Chalkboard paper
  • Chalk vinyl

(I may have missed something here as I was frantically scribbling my notes in the dark during the presentation. I’ll try to come back and update descriptions once they’re available.)

Jewelry Starter Kit

Jewelry making starter kit ~ Silhouette 2016 New Release

Jewelry making starter kit - bracelet ~ Silhouette 2016 New Release

  • Shrink plastic in white, clear
  • Chains
  • Jump hoops
  • Pliers
  • Exclusive kit designs

It’s hard to say until I try it myself, but it looks like the cut pieces shrink to about 25% of their printed size. My kids (and I) will have fun with this kit!


Still coming…

Doming starter kit

Doming starter kit ~ Silhouette 2016 New Release

Silkscreen starter kit

Silkscreen Starter Kit

Hopefully these two starter kits will be available later in the year.


Final Notes

I haven’t even mentioned the new or improved software coming our way! I’ll have to save that for another post when I have more information. I do know that Silhouette Studio 4.0 is coming our way, and it sounds excellent. They are hard at work fine tuning it so it is truly ready for public release.

I understand that the new CAMEO 3 can only run with Silhouette Studio 4.0 (or possibly a late-late special version 3 if the machine is ready before Studio 4.0).

These products should start shipping to distributors in August, as well as being added to the Silhouette store.

Questions? Please ask me in the comments below!

Silhouette 2016 New Release Products ~ Finding Time To Create


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