5 Tips For Joining The Silhouette Design Team

5 Tips For Joining The Silhouette Design Team - Finding Time To Create

Did you hear? I’ll be joining the Silhouette America Design Team for a 5th term! When the calls have gone out the past couple of years, as a repeat member I’ve been asked for suggestions on what people can do to stand out and get accepted on the team. So…I’ve compiled a list of 5 tips for joining the Silhouette Design Team.

Obviously, you need to have an area of the Silhouette (or several areas) in which you are proficient, but these are specific tips for the Silhouette Design Team. (And several of these tips could help you get onto any craft-based design team.)

  1. Watch for the call in January/February each year. Silhouette typically posts the design-team call on their blog, on Instagram, and on Facebook. I usually post the call here on my own blog and social media to spread the word, as well.
  2. Photography is key!
    • If you own a DSLR, use it! I’ve found that even with automatic settings and a kit lens, your photos will typically be better with a DSLR than with a point-and-shoot or a camera phone. There are exceptions, of course, but in my opinion you’re better off with a good camera.
    • I take most of my blog photos with a Canon 60D and a Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 lens.
    • Never use a flash (unless you know what you’re doing), but opt for natural light instead.
    • To take your photography to the next level, I also recommend investing in a class to learn how to shoot in manual with your DSLR. It’s money well spent! I learned from Candice Stringham.
    • At the very least, read or watch some tutorials on setting up an inexpensive photo studio. Here’s an example.
    • Do some post-processing to tweak your photos and brighten them up, if necessary. I make adjustments in Adobe Photoshop Elements to generally increase the brightness and contrast. (A Color Story or Instagram filters are nice apps on your smartphone to quickly make your photos pop for social media posts, although I rarely use them for pictures that go on my blog.)
  3. Prepare your portfolio now.
    • That means blog posts with step-by-step tutorials using Silhouette products and machines, and lots of beautiful product photos (did I mention photography is key?).
    • They typically ask for photos of your favorite projects (5 per category is a typical request), and will want to check out your blog and public social media posts.
    • The sooner you have a collection ready to share, the less rushed you will be to crank out new projects before the application deadline. Getting into the groove of writing regular blog posts (2-3 a month) with great photos will help your work stand out in your application, and will get you in the practice of what you would be doing on the design team!
  4. Look at what is already being posted on the Silhouette Blog for style ideas on photography and post format. You want to be unique, but a little copycat in this area could be helpful.
  5. This has always been limited to US and Canadian residents, but other branches of Silhouette put out their own blog with a design team, specifically Silhouette UK. Watch for design-team calls in your own area.

This is a pretty sweet gig with lots of product as payment. If you like sharing what can be done with the Silhouette machine, I encourage you to give it a shot the next time around! (Ahem…Pin this post so you can remember these tips.) 😉

5 Tips for Joining the Silhouette Design Team - Finding Time To Create

Please let me know if you have more questions!


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