I did it! My new job.

A Crazy Summer

Details on my new job - Finding Time To Create

Silhouette Summit in Honolulu, Hawaii (May 10-13, 2017)

Details on my new job - Finding Time To Create

All Things Silhouette Conference in Peachtree City, GA (June 9-11, 2017)

Details on my new job - Finding Time To Create

Filming “Get Started With Silhouette” in Denver, CO with Craftsy (June 18-22, 2017)
Details on my new job - Finding Time To CreateYouth Conference, Letterworks Jr Conference, Girls Camp, Family Vacation


After a really intense five months of creating my Craftsy class, traveling for three major Silhouette trips in six weeks, working heavily through tax season at my accounting job, keeping up with Silhouette Design Team responsibilities, and staying on top of everything for church and my kids’ school and daily home life, I was doing some serious soul-searching about what’s most important to me.

I was frustrated and tired and unhappy. In the middle of my trips for Silhouette Summit, my trip to teach at the All Things Silhouette Conference, and my trip to film my Craftsy class, I thought about what I could give up. Kids? No. Church? No. Blogging/teaching about Silhouette? Really did NOT want to give that up.

With some advice from a friend, I started to consider quitting my part-time accounting job, which took me out of the home 2-4 days a week. I had barely started my list of pros and cons (hadn’t even told my husband yet) when I was contacted by Silhouette America with a proposal of creating their YouTube content with the new version 4 of Silhouette Studio.

Working for Silhouette was the perfect solution! Similar hours to accounting but WAY more fun and satisfying! I have always loved sharing my knowledge about the Silhouette software and have struggled getting it out there with my limited reach since I have minimal time to play the social media game. YouTube is available to basically everyone!

Long story short, I quit my accounting job when I returned from Denver and have since been playing catch up with life and working on new Silhouette Studio video tutorials.

New Job

I’m pleased to announce that as of today, with the launch of Silhouette Studio 4.1, you will start to see my video tutorials on Silhouette’s YouTube channel. The plan is to put out videos each week to cover all of Silhouette Studio version 4, and we’ll see where we go from there. I’m really excited about this!

What You’ll Find on My Blog

  • Here on my blog I’ll link to the Silhouette YouTube videos, and sometimes I’ll have more details and photos here on a project I may have worked on in the video.
  • I’m still on the Silhouette Design Team so will continue to put projects with written tutorials up on the Silhouette Blog. And I get to use all their products, so please ask me if you ever have questions about specific Silhouette brand materials.
  • And of course, the goal is always to put my own posts on current personal projects I’ve made here on my blog.


I’m still super proud and excited about my Craftsy class, Get Started With Silhouette, because I believe it gives an excellent base for Silhouette newcomers to the v4 software, the CAMEO machine, and exposure to working with a variety of common cutting materials. (Click the class link above to get 25% off* for reading this post! Don’t forget to add my class to your cart to see the discount. If there is a better deal currently being offered, you’ll get the best price.)

But the Silhouette YouTube videos will be ongoing, so everyone can find out about each and every new feature of the software, replacing the old software videos that were filmed years ago. It should be helpful to new and experienced users alike.


New Adventure

I have loved being associated with Silhouette America now for several years on the design team. I’ve owned their machines and followed their blog since the beginning. I’m so happy they are taking these steps to put out great information for their users with Craftsy classes, with the Silhouette Handbook, and now with updated YouTube videos.

This really feels like the perfect job for me to be creating these tutorials you can all enjoy for free from YouTube. I’d love it if you subscribe to my blog to get notifications of my posts, which will also let you know when new videos are released. And I’d love it if you spread the word about my blog so other Silhouette users can find me, too!

Thanks for all your support in my new adventure, and please let me know if there’s a topic you’d like to see covered.


*Get 25% off the full retail price of select Craftsy classes taught by Kelly Wayment. Cannot be combined with any other coupons. Expires November 19, 2017.



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