Nesting in Silhouette Studio®


Using Nesting in Silhouette Studio - video tutorial

Are you curious how to use Nesting in Silhouette Studio® version 4? I’ve got video tutorials for Nesting in both Designer Edition and Business Edition.

Here’s my video tutorial (below) on using the Nesting Feature in the Designer Edition of Silhouette Studio®.


Note: If you have Silhouette Studio® Business Edition, you can do both “regular” Nesting as shown in the video above, or “Automated Nesting” as shown in the video below.

My opinion is you have more customization options available with “regular” Nesting, while the Business Edition Media Layout Mode’s “Automated Nesting” is meant to speed up the process and take out much of the effort. I like having the option for either type of Nesting, and honestly either Nesting choice is much faster than dragging each individual object on your page into the most efficient placement.

Here’s an explanation of Automated Nesting in Business Edition:

If you have questions, please let me know!

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