Compare v3 to v4 in Silhouette Studio

Compare v3 to v4 in Silhouette Studio

Here’s my video comparing v3 to v4 in Silhouette Studio. This video is a great one to watch if you are having a hard time adjusting to version 4 in Silhouette Studio. I’ve just got to say I really love the improvements in v4. Not just because I know it inside and out now that I’ve made 56 how-to videos to date, but because by the time I had worked with it for about a week I never wanted to go back to v3. 🙂

This video is for you…

  • If you have worked with v3 for a while and feel lost with v4
  • If you are new to Silhouette Studio and realize 90% of the tutorials out there are for versions prior to v4
  • If you want a broad overview of what’s available and where things are in v4, whether you’ve been working with Silhouette Studio a long time or not

I generally try to keep these how-to videos between 2-4 minutes so you can bite it off in small chunks, but just be aware this one is over 10 minutes long. I put a lot of thought and effort into this tutorial, so I hope it’s helpful to you.

It covers the new Navigation tabs, the Quick Access Toolbar, Panels, the new Send Panel, and basically where to find every button along every border that used to be in version 3, so you can find it in version 4.

Watch the video below:

If you like it, please Pin this post and spread the word so others can find it, too! I think the switch to v4 has been an excellent change, but I believe this video will help with the transition. I’m also happy to answer any questions you have about Silhouette Studio!

P.S. If you haven’t updated yet to v4, you can do so HERE.

And you can watch my video for the update process HERE.

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