Silhouette Studio for Beginners

Silhouette Studio for Beginners

You’ll find six video tutorials below for some of the most basic things to know when getting started with your new Silhouette machine. It’s the beginning of my compilation of Silhouette Studio for Beginners. I have nearly 70 videos (to date) to share with you on Silhouette Studio version 4, so my focus is putting them out in related batches over the coming weeks.

I’ve been teaching all levels of Silhouette students and users for many years (including lots of beginners), and these are videos I’ve created for Silhouette America’s YouTube channel.

Side Note: My Craftsy Class

If you’re a Silhouette beginner, I also highly recommend joining me in my Craftsy class, Get Started With Silhouette. This class gets you started on not just the software basics, but also tips and techniques for working with the machine itself, including blades, mats, and a variety of materials. I designed it for true beginners with a Silhouette CAMEO 3, but the techniques and software mostly carry over to Portrait and Curio use, as well.

Get Started With Silhouette is everything you need to get started, all wrapped up in one neat package. And I’m offering it to my readers for 50% off* the full retail price by using this link: Get Started With Silhouette Coupon

Free Beginner Videos

But now on to the free videos. These supplement my Craftsy class, so I think you’ll get a lot out of these YouTube videos even if you take my Craftsy class before (or after) watching them. The following videos use Silhouette Studio version 4.1 and are for all editions (Basic and higher).

Here are the videos you’ll find below (some dive right into the software, and some provide great background information as you get started):

  • Create Designs and Send to Silhouette
  • Basic Design & Text Tools
  • Software Update Process
  • How to Update Firmware
  • How to Apply License Keys and Download Cards
  • How Silhouette Design Store Credits Work


Create Designs and Send to Silhouette

(Design used = Autumn Leaf #48824)


Basic Design and Text Tools

(Fonts used = KB Lemon & Honey font #161806; Beachy font #137774)


Software Update Process


How to Update Firmware


How to Apply License Keys and Download Cards


How Silhouette Design Store Credits Work

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* Coupon Details: Get 50% off the full retail price of Get Started With Silhouette taught by Kelly Wayment. Cannot be combined with any other coupons. Expires December 31, 2017. Add the class to your cart, and then you will see the discount. If there is another promotion available, you will get the lowest available price.

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