Top 10 Things to Know About Silhouette Studio

Top 10 Things to Know About Silhouette Studio

Want to know what I think are the top 10 things to know about Silhouette Studio? Here’s the video I made for Silhouette’s YouTube channel with my top 10. Enjoy!

Here’s a summary of the Top 10 Things to Know About Silhouette Studio, but you’ll need to watch the video above to get the full explanation.

  1. Updates vs. Upgrades.
  2. You do not need an internet connection to work in Silhouette Studio.
  3. The Undo button is your friend.
  4. The grey area outside of your design page is a holding area, and any designs out there won’t cut.
  5. The Send Panel is not only where you set up your cut settings, but it also shows you a cut preview.
  6. Silhouette Studio can use any fonts installed on your computer, and they don’t need to be installed separately in Silhouette Studio.
  7. Print & Cut requires three key things.
  8. Set your Page Size and Mat to match your media.
  9. Take advantage of the Test Cut feature in Silhouette Studio’s Send Panel.
  10. You can find Silhouette Studio tutorials and how-to videos for all skill levels and all features from multiple Silhouette sources.

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