Mother’s Day Mason Jar Bouquet


This year for my Mother’s Day project at Heartland Paper I decided to make a bouquet of paper flowers to go in a mason jar.  I like looking at mason jar ideas on Pinterest, and now I have one of my own to add.

I revisited a couple of the flowers I used in last year’s paper-flower wreath, but this time I chose some very bold and bright colors from Pebbles’ new “Party with Amy Locurto” line. The ten flowers plus the strip around the jar took a total of 3 1/2 pieces of double-sided pattern paper.

Cutting Files:
3d 6-petal flower
Roses by Ellinee
Peony by krafting kelly (download here)

On each piece of 12×12″ paper I was able to make three to four flowers, a total of 10 flowers in all. I used the leaves from the rose cutting file for all three types of flowers and just resized in Studio and hand-shaped them differently from flower to flower.

You can find my peony assembly tutorial here.

The roses by Ellinee have their own instructions, and I resized mine to 110% of the original PDF for this bouquet. The 6-petal flower is pretty self-explanatory; you just tuck one petal under and glue it to the one on the other side of the split, then curl the petals with your fingers a bit.  (I used two layers of the larger flower for fullness.)


I made the label as a print & cut and backed it with more of the dark pink dotted paper. The paper wrap around the pint-size jar is 2.75″ x 10.5″.


I chose four coordinating ribbons and couldn’t decide which was my favorite, so I just wove them together, wrapped them around the neck of the jar, and tied them in a bow to show off all the pretty colors.

I used the leaves from Ellinee’s rose template for all of the flowers, as I mentioned above, then for the stems I threaded a 12″ piece of wire through. I poked two holes in the leaf, poked the wire through, bent it with pliers, threaded that back down through the second hole, then used the pliers to curl it tight and hold it in place. I then hot glued the flower to the leaf.

To hold the stems in the jar, I took some dry floral foam about 2″ tall and trimmed it down to fit through the mouth of the jar. You can’t really see it with the decorative paper wrapped around the jar, so it can be any color. Styrofoam would probably work equally as well. Through trial and error I just poked in the stems, trimmed them, and rearranged them until it looked good. The wire stems that started out at 12″ were probably closer to 10 – 10 1/2″ by the time I was done.

I was really happy with last year’s wreath, but with 1/3 of the flowers compared to that project, this came together so much faster. Anyone can make 10 flowers! I hope you try it.


Pattern Paper: Pebbles “Party with Amy Locurto” Paper (Cool Pool, Splash, Sunshine)—3 1/2 pieces
Cardstock: 1 pc 8.5”x11” medium green
Craft wire: 18-20 gauge (<12″ per stem)
Dry floral foam—cut to fit jar opening and about 2” tall
Ribbon: 4 coordinating colors narrow ribbon (<1 yd each)
Pint mason jar
Hot glue gun, Scor-Tape, 3d foam adhesive
Ink pad (optional)
Flower designs from Silhouette (3d 6-petal flower #3901),, and my peony design.


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