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Silhouette Summit

Big News: Silhouette Summit

I have been so excited about this for MONTHS! I’ve been invited to attend Silhouette Summit 2016 in Honolulu, Hawaii! The clock is ticking down, and it’s only a matter of days away! (May 20-21)

I truly think I am Silhouette’s biggest fan, so attending this conference is a dream come true. Silhouette Summit is the big, annual product reveal for all the new goodies coming out this year. Last year at this event they announced the Mint and Curio machines, along with loads of new products. I hear it’s going to be big again this year. I am so excited to be in the thick of it!

In honor of Silhouette Summit, I want to share with you some of my favorite things already available from Silhouette.


#1  Silhouette CAMEO®

Seriously, this is the best crafting machine EVER! I have been using a Silhouette CAMEO® since October 2011 when it was first released. Before that, I had been using an original Silhouette machine (2008) with a turn nob on the side for manually loading the mat. (Yes, really.) I currently use the CAMEO 2 with the touchscreen interface.

This is the first project I made with my CAMEO. Once I had that large 12″ x 12″ cutting area, I never looked back. It is still my favorite, most reliable, and most-recommended machine.


Halloween House


#2  Adhesive Cardstock

I love Silhouette’s adhesive cardstock for scrapbooking, cardmaking, 3D papercrafts, and school projects. It is just so convenient to have a paper that can be cut into beautiful, intricate shapes and is already sticky. I don’t have every color, but I do have more than half the colors currently available. (They just need to add a shade of purple, and then I’d have all the colors of the rainbow.)

cardstock colors

I have a full post of how much I love adhesive cardstock (and all sorts of clever ways to use it) HERE.


#3  Heat Transfer Material

Heat transfer material is awesome. I use it to decorate clothing, hats, and backpacks, but I’ve also used it on paper quite a few times. You can cut heat transfer in ridiculously small sizes (letters .25″ tall), and it is a dream to weed. It comes in two widths (9″ and 12″) and lots of colors. Not only that, but you can also get it in smooth, flocked, reflective, or glitter! I just use my household iron to apply it since I don’t have a heat press.

This is one of my favorite heat transfer projects I’ve made, but you can see I’ve got quite a few heat transfer projects here:  ALL my heat transfer posts

bridal shower gift_make a new ending HTV

Fabric Wrapped Canvas with Quote


#4  PixScan™ Mat

The Silhouette PixScan™ is a hidden gem among all the other Silhouette products out there. I have made tutorials for some of its uses, but I still have a list of tutorials I plan to cover for plenty of other things it does.

Basically, if you have something you want to cut out that is already printed or stamped, this little beauty will help your Silhouette machine cut it out for you. Stick the paper/fabric/cardstock on the PixScan™ mat, scan it (or take a photo) to import, perform a Trace in Silhouette Studio®, then load the mat into your machine so the Silhouette can do the cutting. That’s not all you can use it for, so you can see what else I’ve written about it HERE.

PixScan and Stamping by Kelly Wayment

PixScan™ and Stamps


#5  White Sticker Paper

While there are plenty of Silhouette products that could go in my Top 5 List, I think I probably use printable white sticker paper the most. It prints beautifully with an inkjet printer, and cuts just as well. You can cut through just the sticker layer and keep the entire sheet of backing in place, or you can choose to cut through both layers so you have individual stickers with their own backing. It uses the Print & Cut feature of Silhouette Studio®.

This is one of the many times I’ve used white sticker paper. I made craft-stick puzzles as a quiet game for my kids, and they still use them two years later! The sticker paper is also excellent for custom address labels.

Craft Stick Puzzles by Kelly Wayment

Craft Stick Puzzles


Some of my favorite things Silhouette released at Silhouette Summit last year are as follows (some affiliate links):

I could go on and on about all the different Silhouette products I love, but I won’t keep you here forever. I’m really excited to see what they release at Silhouette Summit this year. A few things I’d love to see are as follows:

  • CAMEO-size machine that is wireless so I can place it anywhere on my desk
  • More colors of adhesive cardstock
  • More colors of printable foil, or anything to go with the current foiling trend
  • Glitter and/or holographic adhesive vinyl
  • Holographic heat transfer material (can you tell I like shimmer and shine?)
  • PixScan™ mat for Curio
  • Shelf system to hold my multiple machines 😉


I will be filling my Instagram feed this weekend with the exciting announcements of Silhouette Summit, so be sure to follow me if you want to know about the new stuff ASAP! I’ll try to post on Facebook, too.

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Update 5/17/16: I was just told today that the attendees at Silhouette Summit are supposed to keep the products a secret until the public release in August. I apologize for getting your hopes up; I was told at first I was supposed to share all about it, and now have been told the opposite. We’ll see what happens next, but as soon as I’m given the go-ahead I will share everything I can.


Favorite Silhouette Products May 2016 - Finding Time To Create


This post contains affiliate links. It won’t change your price, but it helps you by getting exactly the product I used, and it helps me by giving me a little kickback to help support this blog. Win-win. 🙂


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